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Still Reading Khan

Mushtaq Shiekh is not a new name. After writing the book ‘The Making of Asoka’ his association with Shahrukh Khan comes to the forefront once again when his book ‘Still Reading Khan’ (abbreviated as SRK) that is all set to see the light of the day.
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Shah Rukh Can

Mushtaq Shiekh’s latest offering, Shah Rukh Can is a revised updated version of Still Reading Khan. There are a thousand things plus one that Shah Rukh Khan has managed to do between after the first edition was published which have been added to

Asoka - The Making

This book is an ode to a passion, an attempt to chronicle history in the making. ASOKA will be the first release in the history of Indian cinema to be accompanied by a book, titled 'The Making Of Asoka'. Directed by the internationally acclaimed ..
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Devdas - The Indian Hamlet

‘Devdas – The Indian Hamlet’. An attempt to discuss the origins of the character or Devdas through looking at the modern day blockbuster as well as the earlier classical versions, Mushtaq has once more immersed himself in his pet project that will see the light of day.
om shanti om

The Making of Om Shanti Om

This is a seventies pot boiler shot in the 21st century, a reincarnation saga, a commercial blockbuster - a Farah Khan's film! "Om Shanti Om" is a treasure trove for film buffs, and Bollywood fanatics. An unreal space where real turned reel (when film crew turned character actors)